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I am 19 years old. I have been involved in the trade since I was 16. I joined this study as a way to cope/grieve. Grieve for my lost childhood and cope with the fact that my decision led me to where I am today.



In this photo, I am standing on a corner on Long’s Hill. The same corner I stood on every night for 3 months. In the dead of winter. But you do what needs to be done to afford to live, to survive. This was “THE” corner to be on because there is a parking lot behind it, so instead of parking up on the side of the road, the “John’s” could pull into the parking lot and be discrete and women who stood here were more likely to be picked up.

Come to Daddy.jpg

“Come to Daddy”

This photo represents fetishes to me. In my experience, the most sought after fetish involves BDSM. The “Johns” want to dominate.

Opening the Door to Change.jpg

Opening the Door to Change

Thrive’s “Blue Door” program has been a life changer for me. I have been involved for about a year. Blue Door is a program designed to help us (sex workers) exit the trade. This program is funded by the government and Verafin (A.K.A. VeraCares). Every once in a while, they put on a run. It costs $50 for a shirt, medal and snacks/water but the full amount raised goes to Blue Door. Last year they raised $20,000 for us to get our teeth fixed.

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