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Hey! My name is Lizzie Park and I am a sex worker on the West Coast of Newfoundland. I have been doing sex work for a little over 12 years and during that time I have learned a great deal. The biggest thing is that sex is an essential part of our day-to-day lives, not just the physical aspect but the intimacy as well. Legalization would eliminate the shame that people feel towards seeking an alternative means of intimacy. It is for that reason I have chosen to take part in this study, every little bit helps when we are trying to normalize sexuality. 

Money Carries the Same Value - No Matter

Money Carries the Same Value - No Matter What Job You Work

Society is constantly reinforcing the notion that sex workers are either rolling in cash or spending all of their money on drugs and alcohol. However, as most sex workers I am sure would agree, we are doing this to maintain a normal working-class lifestyle.  We live paycheck-to-paycheck just like everyone else, only our income comes in smaller, frequent increments.

Sex Work Comes with Obstacles - most oft

Sex Work Comes With Obstacles - Most Often Are the Legal Barriers and Limited Healthcare Offered to Sex Workers

Turning sex workers into villains of an underground community is not helping the situation. We deserve basic human and labour rights as much as the next person. Sex work is an umbrella term that does not need to include evils such as exploitation and sex trafficking. Using SESTA and FOSTA as a way to vilify sex work is an abuse of power.

G4 - Foundations - Sex work means taking

Sex Work Means Taking Care of My Family

Sex work is flexible, I make my own hours and I create my own schedule. It affords me ample opportunities for self-care and the ability to spend time with my family without work getting in the way. How many occupations give you that freedom? This is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Intimacy Looks Different For Everybody.j

Intimacy Looks Different for Everybody

Sex work is regarded by many as purely professional or - the other end of the spectrum - exploitative. Often it is speculated that some how we must be oppressed or too sexually objectified to receive any pleasure from a career in sex work. Surprisingly, intimacy can be found on both sides of the coin.  A woman providing sexual transactions may draw intimate feelings from the liberation of the encounter that requires no emotional attachment. Whereas the client can draw a level of intimacy from a situation that lacks certain expectations found in a sexual relationship outside of work. Intimacy means different things to different people.

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