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Major Learnings

what are some of the major learnings?

Current Canadian laws need to change

  • While we have different views about the best legal model (decriminalization, legalization), everyone agreed that the current Canadian laws aren’t working.

  • Violence and safety are issues. We need more control over who we work with, how we work, and where we work. We need control over communication practices and advertising services.

  • Safe work options — supported by legislation — are required.


Education and training for law enforcement and healthcare professionals

  • A non-judgemental approach makes a difference.

  • Recognize that sex work and trafficking are different.


Meeting basic needs

  • More affordable housing and easier access to shelters.

  • Better access to food, clothing, the Internet, and cell phones.

  • Affordable childcare and counselling services.

  • Universal dental, health, and optical insurance is required.


More supports and resources

  • Relationships with friends and families can be challenging, especially in small towns. Here’s what works well: supportive friends, non-judgemental services, sharing our stories with one another, industry apps, and the comfort of pets and animals.

  • Service providers must work together to meet sex workers where they are at.

  • Recognize there is a diversity of experiences across the continuum.

  • Create a central resource hub, including 24-hour support access.

  • Offer support groups on the topics of sexual health and mental health.

  • We need information sessions about marketing, managing clients, and balancing finances.

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