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For anonymity I will go by the name Nina. I have worked in the sex industry here in St. John’s NL for approximately 3 years. I have worked alone and with other sex workers to provide dual services. Lately, I have been working less due to the toll it’s taken on my well-being and my desire to re-enter the workforce. I decided to participate in this study to offer my insights and experiences with the hopes of creating a safer working environment for sex workers as well as to reduce the stigma that we are not all uneducated drug-users. I am well-educated, intelligent, and not an addict. I hope this study and exhibit showcases that we all have our reasons for doing this and they are not all sinister. We are just human beings doing what we can to survive, and this line of work at the time may be our only option.

G4 - Industry - Popup.jpg

Pop Up

I chose this photo because it represents the possibility of being recognized by a client while I’m out in public alone or with someone who may or may not know about my working in the sex trade.

Shadow Self.jpg

Shadow Self

I chose this photo because it represents the “double life” I live working in the sex trade, the shadow being the self I try to hide.



I chose this photo because it shows what I would consider a typical spot used for a car date.

Picked in interview but then switched ou


This photo represents the perspective I have on my working in the sex trade which differs greatly from my partner’s.

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