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I wanted to give people some insight on the lives of sex workers, and to be a part of something that could potentially help ease the stigma against us. We are human too.



Being a sex worker can be stressful, also when dealing with mental illness. Animals and programs using animals for healing are great to put you in a good mind space.

G2 - Health -fyouE.png

Fuck you

Being a sex worker is helpful when you suffer from depression and just need to sleep or need time to yourself because you can choose your own hours.

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Sex work aesthetics.

G2 - Industry Makeup2.png


Sex work aesthetics.

G2 - Industry - Double Life.png

My Double Life

Juggling sex work, family and everyday life can be difficult. It is like living a double life.

My Necessities.jpg

My Necessities

Sex work helps to provide my daily needs such as food.

Options for Help.jpg

Options for Help

There are several programs in the community that support and help sex workers and women such as S.H.O.P. and the Women’s Centre.



You can have a healthy relationship even as a sex worker.

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