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I am a queer, feminist, social worker and sex worker in St. John’s who is calling on the federal government to decriminalize sex work. The current laws make the industry dangerous and I want the lives of sex workers to be valued by everyone.​​

G2 - Law - Being Watched But Being Ignor

Being Watched but Being Ignored

The police and government officials are watching sex workers through laws, yet they ignore our wants, needs, and our safety.



I wrote a zine about the impacts of Bill C-36 on my sex work life. The Bill makes it more dangerous because I don’t know who my clients are.


Sex Work vs. Social Work

A chronic illness led me to quit work and get into sex work because I can set my own hours. Now that my illness has improved, I am a social worker, although I have no say in my schedule. I wish I had a job with more freedom like sex work, but safer like social work.

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